Mile Marker Ten (2018)


Ellicott City, Maryland, 1908: An unidentified body is found on the trolley tracks in the hills outside of town. Unsuspecting revelers are poisoned during a dinner party at a historic mansion. A vicious assault leaves a farmer near death, and a young black man named Billy Hatwood is accused of the crime.

Trudy O’Flynn, a writer for the local newspaper, discovers patterns in these crimes that the authorities are too busy or incurious to investigate. She begins to question the odd behavior of the mysterious chemist who recently opened a pharmacy in town. When Billy Hatwood, her friend and neighbor, is accused of the assault, it becomes personal for Trudy. She must find the real culprit before an innocent man is sent to prison or, worse, lynched by an angry mob.

Michael Maloney weaves an exhilarating tale from true events described in numerous clippings from The Baltimore Sun and other newspapers. Insightful and whimsical, Mile Marker Ten vividly portrays a time of transformation, not unlike our own, driven by rapid technology and social change.

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The Secrets of Miryam (2014)

Miri's mother passed to Sheol earlier this year. She awakens one morning  in her home in Magdala to discover that her loutish father has sold her  into slavery to a local tavern owner. After a terrifying ordeal in  which a wealthy visitor is killed, she escapes into the hills. With the  help of a traveling merchant, she evades pursuit and finds her way to  Sepphoris, Herod's capital city in central Galilee. 

In Sepphoris, Miri  meets Yeshua, a boy of sixteen who has trouble following rules. A  wedding is planned between Yeshua's cousin and a man from the nearby  village of Cana. Over the next three weeks, as Miri struggles to  overcome her recent trauma, her feelings toward Yeshua evolve from  revulsion, to grudging respect, to deep affection.


Her past catches up  with her on the day of the wedding. A man from her hometown recognizes  her, and alerts the Roman authorities. Yeshua is entangled in his own  troubles, as his antics with water and wine have embarrassed a powerful  rabbi and endangered everyone near him. Both must now flee to an  uncertain future.

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